Church Missions Network shares the gospel with the incredible people of Eastern Afrifca. There are over 3,000 tribes in Africa; each with their own culture, beliefs, and languages. Many of these tribes have never been reached with the Gospel. In most areas of East Africa, Islam continues to spread. There are also many cultic churches who worship various things found in these areas. Our network takes the gospel to rural areas where there are no evangelical churches. 


Take a closer look at the specific tribes we work with:

Maasai Tribe

Found in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, the Maasai is one of the most traditional tribes in Africa.  Known for being semi-nomadic, the young men (also referred to as Maasai Warriors) live outside of the village to protect their tribe from wild game. They measure wealth by the number of cattle one has. They have a deep relationship with cattle and many believe God created that cattle specifically for them. 

Luhya Tribe

The Luhya tribe is the second largest tribe in Kenya. This tribe is found on the Uganda/Kenya border. They worship Mt. Elgon and many participate in cult worship. Witch doctors play a large role in this tribe.

Suba Tribe

The Suba tribe, found in islands in Lake Victoria, worships nature. They are known as expert fishermen and boat builders. Because of limited job options in this area many families cannot afford schooling and there is only about a 50% literacy rate in the area. 67% of the population is HIV positive.

Kamba Tribe

The Kamba Tribe in eastern Kenya between Nairobi and Mombassa has been in a 15 year drought. In this area Moslems give food in order for people to join Islam. This tribe is known for their beatiful skills in woodcrafting and basketweaving.

Kipsigi Tribe 

Known for worshipping nature, the giver of water and grass for their cows, the Kipsigis Tribe can be found in highlands where tea fields are found. Some members of the Kipsigi tribe also believe their ancestors' souls return to earth and inhabit the bodies of the newly.

Kuria Tribe

The Kuria tribe, found on the border of Tanzania and Kenya, performs female circumcision on 10 year olds and witch doctors are very common. This tribe neighbors with the Maasai tribe and the two are in constant rivarly. 50% of Kurians claim to be Christians, however very few are evangelical as many are cults.

Luo Tribe

The Luo people of Kenya are the largest community in Kenya and together with their brothers in Tanzania,they make the largest single race in East Africa. The leader of the Legions de Maria cult claimed to be the black son of God and is from this tribe. They are located in western and southwestern Kenya.