Give a gift to those in need this holiday season. Donate by setting the price on the "give" page and enter what gift you would like to give in the "memo" section.



Bibles - $8 Per Bible

CMN provides every new church with 10 Bibles in their native language

Water FIltration System - $22

Unclean Water is one of the largetst issues in Africa. Providing a clean water system impacts the entire community.

Immunizations - $25

Help provide immunizations for orphans and vulnerable children.

Feed 10 orphans for a month - $30

Just $3 feeds a child for a month. Give a gift of $30 to our K4K feeding program and provide meals to 10 children in need.

Milk goats - $50 

Milk goats provide daily nutrition for orphans. Each goat will have two baby goats a year that will be given to other orphans.

Bicycle - $100

Equipping our pastors with bicycles allows them to minister to their communities in ways they could not otherwise. 

Surgeries - $250

Every year we see patients come through our medical clinics that we are unable to help. For those, we provide the funds to get the proper care from a local hospital.

Sewing machines - $275

A gift of a sewing machine enables widows to start their own business and provide for their families.

Pastor seminary training - $300 / year

One of the most important things CMN does is teach, train, and invest in our pastors through a two year seminary program.

New church building - $1,200

In the past 10 years, we have planted over 300 churches.