As the Gospel spreads through serving in our medical missions, pastors, and the Kare4Kids program we see churches are becoming established, stable, and are rapidly growing. One way to serve the church is for us to build them a place of worship. In some countries, only "house churches" are legally allowed.  Those who previously met under a tarp or shade tree will now have a weather-proofed building where ministry can take place.  Discipleship will also happen through personal relationships established on the worksite.  

With $2,000 we are able to provide a church for a community:

$1,200 will build a roof for the church to worship under in Kenya. Once the roof is completed, the natives will mud the walls and put in a floor.
$600 will be used to educate the pastor for 2 years at seminary.
$100 will provide a bicycle for the pastor as transportation to be able to do ministry.
$100 provides 10 copies of scripture in the churches' preferred language.

If you would like to donate please click here and specify your gift for buildings and construction. We will send you photos of what your gift was able to purchase.  
Click here for Application Form if you are interested in participating on one of these mission trips. It includes the application, medical questionnaire, and waiver documents. Also, please look out on our Events Page for upcoming dates.