26 Apr
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K4K: A Story of Change

Kare 4 Kids began with a simple vision of providing food for orphans in need. God, however, had a bigger vision. In the 6 short years since K4K started, we now feed over 13,000 orphans and widows three times a week in sixty-nine locations. We have not only seen lives change both physically and spiritually, as well as communities changed for the better.

Take a look at how how K4K has impacted Pastor Cleophas Mwita’s area.

"K4K has helped bring peace to our area. The Kuria tribe is made of of many small sub-tribes. For generations these sub-tribes have fought against each other. Ever since K4K started, there is now peace among us. By sharing food with other sub-tribes it creates opportunities for us to share the Word of God with them. The program has helped develop a trust in our community and we have seen many people join the church because of this. We now have 5 feeding sites in Kuria and are serving over 300 orphans at each of these churches. My prayer is that God may continue to open doors for CMN so that they may reach the unreacheable places.”

Cleophas Mwita, Kuria regional pastor

40 Days For K4K

God has blessed this ministry immensely, and he has used you to do so. However, in order to continue growing and impacting areas like Cleophas’s we need your support, prayerfully and financially. Throughout scripture we see God use the number 40 repeatedly. So, for the 40 days from May 7 – June 15 we will have our first 40 Days For K4K. What does this mean? For 40 days we will commit to setting aside time each day to pray for the K4K ministry. 

How can you get involved?

  1. Join us in committing to pray for K4K every day for 40 days.
  2. Support K4K financially. Our goal is to raise $60k over these 40 days. Click here to give!
  3. Connect with with us on social media. Each day we will post pictures and specific prayer request for K4K. Click here to find our facebook page.

How can I give?

  1. Give online at  here.
  2. Mail in directly to our PO Box.  PO Box 2940 Lebanon, TN 37088